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Hometown Days 2024

June 7, 2024

Hometown Days are July 19-20.

It's time to sign up for the fun run, Saturday, July 20 at 7:00 a.m.  Registration fee is $5 per person.  Please register in advance here.  Day of event registration is available from 6:30 - 6:50 am.  No late registrations.  

New this year: Coloring Contest  

Ages 5-10 - Print out the coloring page.  Submit to the City Office by 5:00 p.m. July 11.

Winners will be selected and celebrated.

Do you love our Hometown Days Car Show?

We are looking for 3-4 volunteers to be on our planning committee for the Car Show scheduled for July 19.  Must be available for a monthly meeting and have availability to help on July 18th and 19th. Please contact Car Show Director Landon Wiley - WileyAutoDetails@gmail.com for more information or call/text 435.760.6175

We are looking for volunteers for our Hometown Days on Saturday, July 20. There are many different opportunities to help.  Please contact Stephanie at steph45a@yahoo.com or call/text 435.757.4938.  Thanks!  

Click here for Photos from the 2023 Celebration

Courtesy John Bedingfield

Why do we call it Hometown Days?

A few years ago we decided that 'the city celebration' wasn't much of a name and so we had a Name the Celebration Contest. We had 99 entries and several names kept popping up. One of those was Hometown Days. The first person to suggest it was Mark Daines, past mayor of Hyde Park. His explanation that came with the name was especially heartwarming. Here is what he wrote: "While Hyde Park may not sport a unique industry or agricultural product to brag about, it has over the years sent many of its sons and daughters out from its borders where they have excelled and achieved in their chosen vocations, areas of interest and provided meaningful service to the people of the earth. Perhaps it would be very appropriate to invite them back to their roots where they can reminisce and visit with family and friends. This is one area never to be dated nor lose interest. Reference to it will never grow old!" "Let us make it an invitation that we can all come together and enjoy the present as we reconnect with the past, and focus efforts on the future."

Hometown conjures up sweet memories of the carefree days of growing up, playing with friends, discovering new places, making huts, night games, riding bikes etc. Hometown makes you think of people who wave as they drive by, warm smiles, and neighbors watching out for each other. Hometown includes those that have been here for generations, or maybe just 1 generation, 1 year, or one week. You might not have grown up in Hyde Park but we invite everyone to make it your Hometown now! And we invite everyone to celebrate our beautiful hometown this July in our Hyde Park Hometown Days. We'll have a big hometown party!

New Competition:

We will have a new competition going on during our parade.  It is fun and silly and we hope you will participate.  We are working on a fun prize for it too.  Here's the poop on it.....(excuse the wording but it'll make sense in a moment.)  On July 15th and not a moment before, you can mark a circle on the parade route with your name beside it and make it readable. (You can put your name inside the circle but put it outside the circle too!)  It must not be bigger than a 36" diameter.  If one of our parade horses leaves a meadow muffin in your circle, you win the prize!  Good clean fun right?  Haha - may the best person at anticipating road apples - win!

Hometown Days Schedule (pdf)